6 ways to stop overeating

how to stop overeating

Overeating can be a huge problem if you want to lose weight, or trying to keep your current weight.
As a humans, it is natural that we have some sort of “hunger fear” – it is instinct that kept us alive during the history. But today we don’t have to worry if we will have something to eat in the next two days or not. But our body reactions are the same as they were in prehistoric time. Hunger will trigger on our “find food and eat as much as you can” button.
With this on our mind, we can tell that hunger is our worst enemy if you trying to stop overeating. This tips and tricks will learn you how to stop it (overeating, not hunger).

  • Eat slowly

You have probably heard this before, but this is maybe the most important advice here. It takes time for our bodies to recognize that we are full. Let’s take opposite example. There is many food contests where opponents try to eat as many food as they can in order to win. They advise you to eat as fast as you can to maximize the amount of food eaten – body usually take some time to notify us that we are full.
First of all, take small portions and eat slowly – you can always take more food if you are still hungry. Take time to chew your food properly – it will help you to eat slowly and it will aid your digestion.
And one more thing: put your fork down between bites! Enjoy every bite you take and results will appear soon.

  • Don’t eat in front of TV

How to avoid overeating

If you are distracted when you eat, you eat more than you intend to. You won’t notice that you are full, because you will be focused on something else instead of your body. Read the first advice again. Eat slowly, and enjoy every bite. Be focused on food, and not on something else.

  • Eat every 4-5 hours

As we said, hunger is your worst enemy. If you can’t recognize when you are hungry, set your alarm every 4-5 hours. Moderate hunger usually hits us 4-5 hours after the meal. If you wait too long, your body will switch to¬†“find food and eat as much as you can” mode, and you will stuff yourself with loads of food.

Eating small meals every few hours will keep your energy and blood sugar level stable. That will keep you away from starving, which leads to overeating.

  • Drink glass of water before meal

Glass of water (or two) before meal will fill you up, and your body reaction will be faster. You will notice earlier that you are full. Water is good for your body, free in most restaurants, and have zero calories. Some studies said that people who drink two glasses of water before meal eat about 20% less that people who don’t drink anything before.

Of course, it is also good to drink water through the meal.

  • Use smaller plates

If you put the same amount of food on a huge plate and on the small one, your brain will decide that there is more food on the smaller plate. Use this to your advantage.

  • Eat high volume food

Take a look at this example. 200gr. of potato chips have almost 1200 calories. You can eat eat 200gr. of potato chips, or 6 kg of apples – your calory intake will be the same.

Try to build high-volume meals with high water content. Fruits and vegetables are your best friends here. You will eat fewer calories, but you will eat bigger meal.And eat salad – start your meal with it, or include it into the meal. Alternative is to fill half of your plate with vegetables.




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