Body types

Body type determinates your ability to gain or lose fat or how easily you can gain lean body mass. There are three main body types, along with their variations. Since one can be blessed when it comes to weight loss,  the others have to work harder to lose any weight. Although you can consider the body type is your curse, let’s take a look at characteristics of those types.


Ectomorph is naturally skinny type and it’s known for their struggles to gain mass, whether is fat or muscle. With their fragile and thin body frame, it’s a challenge to gain some mass. Since ectomorphs are mostly skinny and lean, they have no problems with surplus of body fat. Every ectomorph I know is below 15 percent of body fat, but they can eat hell of a lot food without getting any fat. Someone would say they are blessed when it comes to fat gain, but in fitness this type seems to be the most withheld when it comes to the muscle building.

Anyway, ectomorph can have the skinny fat look, which means an individual looks lean, but the percentage of body fat is greater than the percentage of lean muscle mass. It means the lack of muscles, but the overall look is anyway considered skinny, until one measure their body fat percentage and find out they have a high body fat levels.

Ectomorph characteristics:
  • Fast metabolism, so they can eat anything without gaining weight
  • Linear body shape
  • Skinny
  • Long limbs
  • Small joints
  • Small amounts of muscles
  • Can be considered skinny fat


Mesomorph is an individual with athletic body shape, who usually doesn’t have any difficulties to lose fat or gain muscles. Also, they respond very well to any kind of exercise and diet, whether they are losing body fat or trying to gain lean body mass. As a born athlete, they are naturally muscular and they usually don’t have any difficulties to lose excess of body fat.

Mesomorph characteristics:
  • Proportional physique
  • Narrow waist
  • Wider shoulders then hips
  • Lean and muscular
  • Ability to gain muscle and lose fat very fast
  • Small joints
  • Efficient metabolism


Endomorph tends to be type who easily gain mass, no matter is it lean body mass or fat., but they mostly gain fat easily and have a big problem when it comes to weight loss. They usually have high percentage of body fat which is distributed mostly in the lower body region as lower abdomen and back, butt, hips and legs. Women of this type are usually pear shaped. Since they have difficulties in losing body fat, they tend to be overweight. They have to work harder to lose any fat in comparison with other body types.

This site is mostly revolved around endomorph body type and in the future posts will provide a lot of information of diet and exercise plans for people of this type, because the highest percentage of people of who struggle with fat loss belong to endomorph category. Also, It is important to understand what stands behind those obstacles and start a plan which is efficient for fat loss.

Endomorph characteristics:
  • Slow metabolism
  • Short arms and legs
  • Medium to large joints (it’s said ‘heavy bones’)
  • Round body shape
  • Narrow shoulders
  • Easily gaining body fat and muscles, but mostly it’s easier for them to gain fat
  • Tendency to gain fat in lower body area







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