The Keto Diaries: #1 General Tips for Eating out Keto

Today I’m going to be talking about general rules and tips for when you are eating Keto. I always find it hard to carry around Keto meal preps and sometimes it can be easier to just grab something on the go. Anyways enough chit-chat here is a list of tips that make keto on the go a bit more bareable.


  • Look for items that have a high nut content – if there’s chocolate make sure it’s dark
  • Always look at the nutritional values (Between 10 – 15 carbs won’t kill you) – for example I had half of a Kinder Bueno today and I still manged to go to bed only having 39g of net carbs.
  • Try packets of nuts and seeds mixed with dark chocolate
  • Pre-weigh a bag of nuts at home – It makes things easier and they’re quick and easy to snack on, also you don’t have to spend money which is another plus.


  • Always look at the meat on the menu – most meats are low in carbs so this can be an easy way of staying in Keto while eating out.
  • 1212LH_GrldChxStwbrySld_918x568.jpgCheese, cheese, cheese – always look for cheesy items, think halloumi bites and feta in salads.
  • Stick to Spinach and basic leafy greens when  picking a salad – too much veg could mean additional unintended carbs
  • Get burger without the bun – perfect for Keto as you get all the fat and protein without the carbs from the bread
  • Beware of sauces – some sauces have very high sugar content so make sure you check the nutritional values before you chuck it on
  • Try and figure out what you’re eating before you go out – search up the restaurant before you go and see if they have nutritional values/anything keto friendly



  • Spirits will save you – most spirits as long as they aren’t flavoured have no carbs in them so stick to rum, tequila, vodka and gin
  • For mixers anything sugar free will do – soda water, diet tonic water, diet coke, diet lemonade, sugar-free squash, the list is endless
  • If you’re at a bar make sure you ask which mixers are diet/sugar-free – this will help you a lot and nothing worse than ruining your Keto diet by accidentally getting Normal Redbull instead of the diet alternative.


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