Health benefits of breakfast


The first meaning to notice is that breakfast actually breaks fast. When you sleep, your body is put to fasted mode and breakfast provides you nutrients your body need to stop process of catabolism. In the morning, the body is craving for nutrients. Right amount of proteins, slow digested carbs and healthy fats will nourish your body and help you reach your goals. You don’t have to be afraid of the rich breakfast, all that calories will be spent through the day. On the other side, avoiding meals through the day will make you have high caloric meal in the evening, because you were starving all the day, which is not a good idea.


When you eat breakfast, you set your metabolism on fire. Body needs nutrients to function and by skipping meals you send signal to your body to preserve every calorie you take and save it for later, so the calories will be conserved in the fat layers. Many studies have shown that people with habit to eat breakfast tend to weigh less than those who often skip it.


If you skip breakfast, you will try to concentrate and work, but it won’t be possible. This is because you need a fuel and without fuel you won’t be able to do any activity without thinking about how to get it. Hunger will cause temptation to grab anything to eat, no matter how sugary or fat that food is. Adding a little protein in your first meal, you keep you hunger under control and won’t be tempted to snack some unhealthy food. Also, starting the day with breakfast will make you feel more energized.


Imagine amazing breakfast you will enjoy in the morning along with a cup of coffee. Isn’t it great? There is a variety of food you could choose- oatmeal with fruits, veggie omelet, whole grain toasts sandwich with cheese and ham. The list is endless. Time you spend preparing breakfast will make you stop rushing to the work and take some time for yourself, just to sit down and enjoy your meal. Your body will be grateful.


What kind of food to choose for breakfast?

  • Eggs

Eggs are the ultimate food when it comes to diet. Rich in proteins, iron, B12 vitamins and a lot of other nutrients, it will give you fullness and in the same time nourish your body with a range of nutrients. They are suitable for every possible diet. Just choose the way you like them to be prepared.

  • Greek yoghurt

No list of healthy foods can be imagined without greek yogurt. Dairy products are rich in protein casein, but greek yoghurt has the highest protein content in comparison to other yogurts.

  • Fruits

Fruits will provide you with vitamins. Mixed with oatmeal and other cereals makes complete meal that will keep your hunger under control.

  • Vegetables

Same as fruits, vegetables are unavoidable source of vitamins and minerals. Start your day with portion of vegetables together with some protein to feel satisfied until lunchtime.

  • Whole grain toast

Whole grain toast nourishes your body with slowly digested carbs and fibers. It is suitable to combine it in many variations. Combine it with cheese and lean deli meat.

  • Cheese

There is a variety of cheeses so everybody can find some they like. The bonus effect is the cheese contains protein called casein, which is slowly digested protein, so it will keep you satisfied for a long.

  • Lean deli meat

Lean deli meat is another good source of proteins, just aim for those with low sodium contain.

  • Oats

When it comes to the healthy food list, oats often hold the first place. They lower blood sugar, nourish you with fibers and vitamins and give you energy for busy day. Be aware not to choose one with high amount of sugars, regular rolled oats will do just fine.

  • Milk

You don’t need more than the few seconds to pour a glass of milk. Rich in calcium, it increases your bone health and good ration of proteins and carb will give you fullness.

  • Whole grain cereals

Same as for the oats, aim to choose the one without added sugars. They are very portable, so you can mix them with yoghurt and eat them while you are working.


Tips to never skip the breakfast again

  • Think ahead of your breakfast

Think about the foods you like having for breakfast and make sure your refrigerator is stocked so you don’t have to spend time in the morning searching for the food. If you know you will be rushing in the morning, prepare your breakfast-to-go evening before.

  • Make a batch of meals you like

Baked oatmeal, egg muffins and sandwiches can be made in a batch and refrigerated for a few days, so you just have to grab some on your way out of the house.

  • Use every second of your time

Make toast, mix smoothie or boil eggs while you are taking shower. It spares your time.

  • Choose foods that can be prepared quick

Freeze single servings of prepared fruits and veggies to use them for smoothies in the morning, throw a few slices of cheese and meat on the toast or cook instant oatmeal. It takes just a few minutes to be done.

  • Grab some snack on your way

There is nothing bad about takeout. Inform yourself about nutrition facts of takeout meals. Many fast food chains offer nutrition friendly food, so if you skip your breakfast at home, you can always take some on your way. The key is to stay in your macro nutritional limits.







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