How to lose weight according to your body type

lose weight according your body type

Body type, also called somatotype in physiology, determinates how easily or not one can lose or gain body fat. Knowing your body type is a foundation for creating an exercise or diet plan, so here are some tips to improve your weight loss.


Since ectomorphs are always considered as skinny type without any excess fat, some of them can experience skinny fat syndrome, which means they have lack of muscles, but high levels of body fat. Skinny type ectomorph should stick to gaining lean body mass, matched with periods of fat loss, what enable them to slowly change their body composition. In that way, they will be working on getting lean body mass for a few months, followed by a month or two of weight loss program. It will potentiate new muscle growth and increase in body fat percentage, which will result in the body composition change from skinny fat to lean/shaped. Ectomorphs don’t have to worry about getting bulky since their fragile body frame doesn’t allow them to put some huge muscle mass in a natural way.

Diet tips:
  • Try to eat every 2 – 3 hours to provide your body enough nutrients
  • Track your calorie intake accurately
  • Liquid food will help you to satisfy your calorie needs (and shakes are practical to carry anywhere)
  • When trying to get rid of skinny fat look, you don’t need any drastic calorie deficit
  • Lots of your daily carbs should be consumed before and after exercise, but every other meal should include some whole grain, starchy carbs and carbs that come from vegetables and fruits. You should not refrain of the carbs, since your metabolism tolerate them well.
Macro nutritional ratio:

A nutrient distribution for ectomorphs should be around 55% carbs, 25% protein and 20% fat. As you see, carbs don’t bother you, whether you cutting or bulking.

Workout tips:
  • Opt for compound movements over isolation exercises
  • Keep your cardio at minimum, low intensity steady state cardio for 30 minutes per session and 3 times per week will work fine
  • Provide yourself enough rest to let your muscles grow


Mesomorphs who gained some unwanted body fat, should first opt for a diet to help them lost it. They get rid of the fat quickly, but there is also need to check out their diet and exercise plan. Mesomorphs can be more leisure when dieting, but mess up diet and exercise plan won’t give them the most of gains.

Diet tips:
  • It is best to eat every 3 – 4 hours
  • Most of the carbs are better to be consumed before and after exercise. Breakfast should also include lots of carbs. It’s the best to divide your daily carbs into 4 amounts, of which one is eaten with breakfast, one before exercise and one after exercise. Fourth part should be divided through other meals, preferring carb-dense food. You need moderate amount of proteins.
  • In the shortage of energy aim to increase healthy fats, not carbs, although you are not as much sensitive to carbs as endomorphs
Macro nutritional ratio:

A macronutrient distribution in mesomorphs diet should aim for 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat.

Workout tips:
  • HIIT cardio workout takes advantage
  • Weightlifting should be revolved around compound exercises, such squats, deadlifts, press etc.
  • Aim to train about 5 times per week, of which 2 will be cardio session.


They tend to gain fat very fast, so they should be the most careful about their carbohydrates intake, because they have low carb tolerance. Endomorphs, we know your pain. Since your weight loss is on the heavy side, you need more persistence to cut the fat, but with right plan, it is not impossible to achieve great goals.

First, processed food is your enemy and if you already didn’t get rid of those foods, do it now. Also, opt to increase fat intake, not carb intake. Healthy fats won’t make you fat, but carbs will do, since you are carb intolerant. Diet is the easy part of your fat loss, the big pain comes with the training. You should train harder, longer and more dedicated than anyone else. With clean diet (I repeat, clean diet) and good workout plan, you are predetermined to succeed. With these tips you can’t blame on mother nature and genetics anymore.

Diet tips:
  • Clean dieting is the best possible way
  • Track your calorie intake accurately
  • Drink a glass or two of water before every meal to refrain of overeating
  • All carbs should be from whole grains, vegetable and some fruit, but don’t overdo with fruits because of their high sugar amounts
  • All carbs should be mostly eaten around exercise. Divide amount of your daily carbs in 3 groups, of which two will be eaten pre/post workout and one will be eaten for breakfast. For the rest of the day it is recommended to avoid carbs, except green salads, spinach and other vegetables with high amount of fibers.
  • In the shortage of energy aim to increase healthy fats, not carbs
  • Fat burner supplement can improve your fat loss (opt for the natural ingredients such as caffeine, green tee extract, cayenne paper extract etc. and avoid questionable substances)
Macro nutritional ratio:

A nutrient distribution in endomorphs diet should be around 25% carbs, 35% protein and 40% fat. They better adopt low carb diet, with higher percentage of proteins and fat. Because of insulin sensitivity it is the best to avoid any processed and sugary food.

Workout tips:
  • Cardio, cardio and more cardio. Cardio after weightlifting session? Yes, of course
  • Combine interval cardio training with low intensity cardio. On the days when you don’t lift, opt for the high intensity interval training. When you plan to do cardio after weightlifting, choose low intensity cardio (jogging, moderate cycling, incline walking, moderate rowing). Because your glycogen stores are emptied after weightlifting, energy you burn doing cardio comes from fat cells.
  • When lifting weights, do more supersets and giant sets (two or more exercises in one set) since it takes more energy to be performed
  • Aim to workout at least 4 times per week, but 6 time would be perfect
  • On the rest days engage yourself in some leisure activity outside the gym





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