How to succeed with your diet

  • Know your goal when you are on diet

What is your fit goal? How much time it takes to be achieved? Mark on the calendar the final date and count that weight loss takes many small steps and cannot be done in a few days.

  • Know your plan

How will you accomplish your plan, if you don’t know what you want. Set straight goals, like lose 10 pounds, improve your health, get ability to run 10 miles etc. When you know what your aim is, it is easier to achieve it.

  • Find your motivation

Find something that will really keep you on your way and motivate you when you are weak.

  • Before you start diet, remove any temptations from your house

Get rid of any food which does not fit into your diet plan. Don’t just throw it away, it’s a waste, donate the food you are not going to eat and make someone happy. If you don’t have any tempting food in your house, it makes it a lot easier to diet.

  • Inform about the content of the food you are going to eat

Nutritional information are great labels on every food package. Read them more than you used to, you will surprise how many unhealthy ingredients your favorite food contains. You wouldn’t eat something that you don’t understand, wouldn’t you?

  • Take small steps

It is clear it is impossible to finish a marathon training just one week. The same goes when you are on a diet. Set realistic goals and take enough time to accomplish them. Lose pound or two weekly, start with 10 minutes jogs, then add additional time until you can run a mile and so on. Start with small steps until you are able to take big ones. Changes won’t come overnight, it takes about 12 weeks of work for the whole world see your progress.

  • Don’t shock your body

Never engage in drastic diets which demand high calorie deficit. It won’t be helpful if you eat only salad and drink water for 6 days, and on the seventh day you eat amounts of calories enough for two weeks.

  • Don’t feel guilty

If you mess up your diet eating a meal you shouldn’t have, don’t blame yourself, just continue on with your plan. Don’t skip second meal or exercise extra for punishment, it is okay to stumble, but it not a rule, it is an exception. One wrong meal can’t invalidate your accomplished goals, but if you think you have to start all over, it could lead to emotional overeating, so you will experience new fat gains.

  • Find healthy alternatives to your unhealthy habits

Forget snacking on some potato chips in front of TV, especially if you enjoy family pack. Any processed snack leads to mass gain. Switch those snacks with vegetables, some popcorns or sunflower seeds. I you like cookies, opt for those without added sugar or try to make your own, healthier cakes.

  • Don’t get hungry

Eat before you leave house. When you are going out, prepare a small meal to go, in case you get hungry. When you’re hungry and outside your home, you could be tempted to eat all those fatty and sugary food you crave for. Limit your cravings and you won’t think of your diet as a suffering.

  • Little indulgence

Portion your threats and never buy family packs, because once you open this giant package, you won’t leave it until you eat it. Appoint one day in a week when you are allowed to eat your threat like 100 kcal Oreo, small bag of chips or little snickers can’t ruin your diet, but it will keep you steady.

  • Limit alcohol

When you are drunk, a big pizza doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Also, alcohol contains empty calories, which can endanger you diet.

  • Delay of craving

When you crave for something, write down your craving on the paper and decide the day when you will be allowed to get it. I will calm you down, but you will mostly forget what you crave for in just a few hours.

  • Prepare for the gathering

Sometimes we cannot avoid gatherings such as birthday parties, anniversaries, Christmas or New year parties, but we can plan ahead for those events. A greater calorie deficit on days before event, or one week of more intensive training will keep you on the track. It’s not the rule you have to gain weight for Christmas. Also, you don’t have to eat everything from the buffet. Opt for diet friendly food and try to avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

  • Get rid of the vampires

Vampires are people who are constantly trying to obstruct your plans. It is irrelevant if they do it in mean way or they just try to convince you that you are going to have a great time eating all those food you shouldn’t, those people are nuisance for your diet. Surround by the people who support your efforts and help you to achieve your goals.









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