How to lose 5 kg in 5 weeks for dummies

*Disclaimer: There is not any spectacular shortcut in this article. Every advice will be given according to the science behind fat loss, so it will guarantee you success if you stick straightly to the plan and avoid cheating.

First of all, let’s take a look behind this plan. I don’t offer you a magic trick, nor something impossible to do. You can find lots of similar plans across the internet, but many of them aren’t free. This is completely free fat loss plan I used when I was trying to achieve my fitness goals few years ago.

There are two important things when it comes to fat loss: diet and exercise. Their synergistic effect is the best and proven way to get rid of those irritating body fat layers. Diet without exercise and vice versa, doesn’t provide long-term success, but together they make a perfect match that gives you a potential to burn more fat faster. Let me explain:


Diet is a Greek word for “nutrition plan” and it is not a synonym for starvation. According to the present terms, diet is also a plan you stick to when trying to cut some fat. Along this meal plan, you will never feel hunger, because you will actually eat a lot through the day. Lots of smaller meals will set your metabolism on fire, nourish your body and help your muscles to recover.

  1. Basics

Every day you will follow 1200 kcal meal plan, except on the days when you will increase your calories and will be allowed to eat 1500 kcal. It prevents your metabolism of getting used to steady calorie intake.

You have to burn 7000 kcal more (per week) then you consume, in order to lose 1 kilo of body fat weekly. You will make deficit from reducing calories from food and burning calories working out. If you stick strictly to the plan, it guarantees you losing a kilo per week. Five weeks aren’t too long and you won’t regret sacrificing cheat meals in order to lose 5 kilos of body fat. That sounds much better then eating pizza, right?

Second great deal that could convince you to start this program is that a kilo of fat has a bigger volume then a kilo of muscles. By losing 5 kilos of fat, you will look much slimmer, so it will look like you lost much more. Also, it will improve your health, aerobic capacity and your physical abilities.

2. Food list

There is no good or bad food if you stay in your calorie and nutritional frames, but there are always food that is simply better than other when it comes to fat loss.

When you are trying to drop some body fat, it is helpful to avoid sugars, processed food and saturated fats. Many dietitians suggest to stick to whole, fresh and unprocessed food, which is the best deal if you are looking to start living healthier. So, what you are going to eat?

First, it is not obligatory to eat all those food I am going to suggest. Pick your favorite food. It is important because if you don’t like the food you eat and don’t enjoy your diet, you will fast give up and return to your old eating habits. If you hate oatmeal, nobody will make you eat it. There are still lots of alternate food which is suitable for your diet. Diet should be in your comfort zone if you are planning to reach your goals without suffering.

Every nutrition plan contains three big macronutrients: proteins, carbs and fats. Proteins will nourish your body with the elements which are important to build your body and prevent muscle loss while you are dieting.

Carbs are excellent source of energy, since our body uses glucose for fuel. Nowadays, carbs are referred as bad, but we have to differentiate carbs from sugars and carbs that come from whole food. Since everything decelerated as low fat is preferably, you should be aware of those low fat commercial products, because low fat content is usually replaced with lots of sugar, mostly from glucose syrup, which is the worse choice than fat, because it elevates blood sugar so fast and drops even faster so you feel hunger very soon after consuming that meal.

When we are talking about fat, we think about healthy fats that are coming from cold pressed oils such olive and coconut oil, fruits like avocados and also all kind of raw nuts. Eggs also provides a good source of fat, despite the fear that eggs increase levels of bad cholesterol, which is not right. There is a list of foods that are preferred:

When it comes to drinks, many people mistaken that drinks don’t include calories. Flavored waters, milk, milkshakes, ice teas and juices are usually loaded with calories, so you should be aware of hidden calories in drinks and get to know the content of drinks you consume. You should give advantage to water and unsweetened teas, since they don’t contain calories. Also, water consumption is very important to stay hydrated.

3. Supplements

Supplements are not necessary when you are on a diet. If you choose to use some, I recommend you not to spend money on tons of them, because only the proper diet and the regular exercise will help you burn fat. Although, multivitamins, whey protein and some fat burner can support you while you are achieving your goals.

Multivitamins will provide you micronutrients that you don’t take from food. While dieting, there is a chance that you are not eating enough of foods that contain a variety of vitamins necessary for your daily dose.

Whey protein is a great source of proteins which body absorbs very fast and has a high biological value. One scoop of whey protein after the workout will help your muscles to recover.

Fat burner should not be considered as a magic pill that burns fat, although it can contain some substances that enhance fat loss (caffeine, green tea extract etc.). If you use them to  support your diet and exercise, it should work just fine.

4. Diet plan examples

Below are two meal plan examples. They are used for a role model how balanced diet should look like. You can adopt them in your diet or you can change them to suit your needs. Because you will have to track your food intake, try using fitness apps that will help you track nutrients and calories. MyFitnessPal is a great app for that purpose.

Macronutrient ratio for this balanced diet will be 40:30:30, which means you will take 40 percent of calories from carbs, 30 percent from proteins and 30 percent from fat. In example, it looks like this:

One gram of protein gives you 4 calories, same as a gram of carbs. One gram of fat provides you 9 calories. So, if you consume 1200 calories daily, 40 % or 480 calories comes from carbs, 30 % or 360 calories from proteins and 30 % or 360 calories from fat. When we divide 480 calories of carbs with 4, it says you will consume 120 grams of carbs. When it comes to proteins, you will be allowed to consume 90 grams of proteins and if we divide amount of calories that comes from fat with 9, we get 40 grams of fat daily.

On the days you will consume 1200 calories, macronutrients ratio will be:

120 grams of carbs

90 grams of proteins

40 grams of fat

When you increase your calorie intake to 1500 calories, that ratio will look like:

150 grams of carbs

113 grams of proteins

50 grams of fat

Let’s say this is a simple math behind calories.

a. 1200 kcal meal plan (link)

You are able to improvise about daily meal plan, as soon as your meals stay in the macronutrient’s frame. Try using fitness apps to help you track calories and macronutrients.

Sometimes, there is an unavoidable occasion when you stumble and eat something that doesn’t fit into your daily meal plan. If this happens, just continue with you planned calorie intake. One cheat meal won’t kill your gains, but I highly recommend to try avoiding those occasions and if it happens, try to burn those unwanted calories through additional workout to stay on your track.

When craving for sweets and fruits don’t satisfy your sweet tooth, try to incorporate sweets in your macronutrient plan, so you don’t go beyond your planned calorie goal. Don’t take that as a rule, but exception. Any cheat can distract you from your goal and as I said, five weeks are not too long to avoid cheating on your plan.

b. 1500 kcal meal plan (link)

Purpose of increasing calories is to inhibit your metabolism of getting used to monotonic calorie intake. With additional calories, you boost your metabolism, what helps you burn calories more effectively.

c. Meal plan schedule

There is a plan how you are going to plan your calorie’s goals.



Your training plan will demand 5 trainings per week. You will alternate between two variations that include compound movements using the dumbbells. If you don’t have any dumbbell, kettlebells or barbells will work just fine. When choosing dumbbell weight, aim for the weight you can use for whole training. Be aware you don’t use too light dumbbells, because it won’t help you accomplish these goals.

1. Basics

Suggested weights for women are between 4 and 8 kilos (8 to 18 pounds) or between 8 and 12 kilos for men (18 to 28 pounds)

As you become stronger every week, add additional half a kilo (a pound) to your dumbbells on the start of the new workout week.

Every training includes 4 series made od 4 sets. One set count 10 reps.

You start with the first exercise, then follow second, third and fourth for ten reps each. After you finish those 40 reps, you take a rest.

Rest time between series will be 1 minute. As weeks go by, you will decrease rest time, as long as you come to 20 seconds.

2.Training plan

Every day, you will alternate between two workout routines, A and B, so the workout won’t get you bored. Types of workouts are shown in the table below.

a. Alternating workouts

How will you be practicing these routines? Before you start, you have to warm up. Try to warm up skipping in the place, doing jumping jacks, high knees or mountain climbers. Those are basic exercises that everybody is familiar with. After the warm up, you are ready to grab those weights.

First day you will start with Workout A. Do 10 reps of clean and press, then 10 reps of Romanian deadlifts, followed by 10 reps of rows and 10 reps of lunges. This makes one series. Take a rest and repeat until you finish all series.

b. Workout technics

Dbs. Clean and press

Single – legged Romanian deadlift

Bent over dumbbells row


Push press


Bulgarian squat

c. Five weeks schedule

3. Active rest

When it’s finally a weekend, you won’t spend it on the couch and eating ice cream. You are going to spend some time biking, walking, hiking, going to the beach and swimming etc. It will help you recover from resistance training you have done through the week and in the same time it will enable you to burn additional calories. Pick an activity you like and go outside.


Once when you have finished this program and, I hope, you will achieve those goals, you can start it all over. After five weeks, many people challenge themselves to go further and try to make incredible goals, once they see changes in their lives. Anyway, fit lifestyle may become your favorite lifestyle.


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