Sweet potato for every meal

Sweet potatoes are great for making quick and delicious meals. It’s no surprise that sweet potatoes are at the top of the healthy foods list, because they are packed with nutrients and very versatile.

There are lots of recipes including sweet potatoes, so you can enjoy them for every meal and never get bored with the taste. We browsed the Internet for you to find some delicious recipe for every meal in the day. Check out recipes below:


Hearty breakfast 

Harrisa sweet potato hash from Running to the kitchen

Harrisa sweet potato hash


Lunch box meal

 Steak and sweet potato bowls from Iowa Girl Eats

Steak and sweet potato bowls with avocado – cilantro drizzle


If you are just looking for some delicious side dish:

 Sweet potato & avocado green salad from Minimalist Baker

Sweet potato & avocado green salad


Need some dessert? 

Deliciously healthy sweet potato brownies from The Healthy Foodie

Sweet potato brownies


Light dinner 

Paleo salmon cakes by The Marrymaker Sisters

Paleo salmon cakes



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